Our corporate logo is a blend of different colors, which accentuate different meanings and pertinence. The Saffron color on the SPG logo is a symbol of the prospering saffron business in today’s world. Saffron is bound by gold bands, which represents our gold business. Our core business has been bullion for over six decades and is a reason for our growth and success. Then the white blocks in between the gold and the saffron denote our emerging business in the paper industry. White blocks also signify our silver businesses, which denotes stability and high prudential for growth to the group. Lastly, the borderless design denotes that there are no boundaries or limit to the group’s success and we strive to accomplish the best in all our ventures. Our business segments are independent yet inter-related and are held together with the help of our 5 P’s: Product, People, Place, Promotion and Price.