Our Founder

Hailing from small town of Kaithal in Haryana with agrarian routes to his hometown and dream of making it big in the industry of gold and silver, Lala Shri Satyapal Gupta Ji was a leader and visionary. He was born on 4th June’ 1930in a middle-class family with limited means and resources. Growing in the streets of Kaithal, he was quick to realize the job opportunities and business potential in the nearest city, New Delhi.

Then, the story of the group began with 20th century turning to its other half and a humble man setting his eyes of doing business in Asia’s biggest and ever-growing market, Chandni Chowk. Trading and Business came naturally to him. Tactful in business dealings, sharp in mathematics and exceptional in accounting, he was systematic in maintenance of business transactions and was accomplished in the rotation of capital in the money markets.

Lala Shri Satyapal Gupta Ji began to learn the tactics of the market and slowly founded his ownbullion trading company. Benchmark to his success and growth in the market was his differential nature. He was enthusiastic yet cautious in his approach. Known for his fairness and unbiased decision-making ability, he established the core values of the group. His ideologies regarding honesty, fair business dealings, and honoring commitments in a set period of time were his mantras to success. He was a man of principles with a control on his emotions when making objective decisions. Revered into the business community in Chandni Chowk, his name has not been forgotten and has been passed over as a legacy to his future generations.